Redox Potential!


What Is Redox Potential, Exactly?

In order to send these important signals to one another, your cells need energy and the chemical resources required to carry out this complex interplay of communication. Otherwise, the impulse becomes weaker, and each interaction between cells becomes less frequent and less potent.

The exchange of each chemical unit is called transduction. This mainly consists of electron transfer reactions that capitalize on free radicals and other viable, redox-active molecules floating around in the intracellular milieu.

How Can Redox Help You and Your Skin?

There are a million ways that your skin may be dulled by lifestyle or environmental factors. A number of these issues tend to be treated topically: 

UV exposure


Hormonal imbalances


Old age

Many of these treatments fail to address the biology of the problem, however.

Oxidative stress damages the appearance of skin cells and may also damage the genetic core that they rely deeply on. 

This further disrupts cellular behavior and growth as the genes dictating each move become more difficult for your cells to access and interpret. They become less efficient and less focused on their jobs. They might even impose a negative toll on the other skin cells around them.

Redox signaling truly is your body’s best recourse against damage already sustained. Instead of glossing over the issue, this system allows your cells to actually clean your skin up from the inside out.

Every blemish and problem area is simply composed of skin cells that have either been damaged or aren’t functioning properly. Removing these cells and encouraging new, healthy cells to flourish in their place is the surest path to natural, youthful, healthy-looking skin.

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