Cell Talk and Thyroid

The thyroid gland creates several forms of thyroxin, which impacts all cells by giving them a modulating hormone that acts to keep them on an even keel—too much thyroxin, and metabolism speeds up—too little and the result is swelling and sluggishness.

Throughout life, REDOX-driven chemical reactions can confuse the immune system and initiate a gradual, self-destructive attack on the thyroid. REDOX imbalance can lead to the up-regulation of certain transcription factors, which in turn cause the expression of certain genes such as the thyroglobulin gene. Its expression frequently results in the breakdown of thyroxin production (the most common thyroid problem) and illness (fatigue, weight gain, goiter, and swelling).

Traditional therapies involve supplementation of thyroxin by prescription. Additionally, novel approaches also include correcting REDOX molecule imbalances with supplementation to restore proper communication. The results can be a gradual reversal of the attack on the thyroid gland and restored thyroxin levels.

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