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Healthy drinks that will make their life easier

The best gift you can give someone you love is one that makes life a bit less stressful. Our Cell Performance category of products helps people do more, achieve more, and be more every day — by adding a sustained boost of vitamins to their daily ritual. These easy-to-use stick packs are specifically formulated to improve performance starting at the cellular level. You can give the gift of daily balance with a drink Powered by Redox™.

• REDOXEnergy supports sustained and balanced energy throughout the day. This drink supports cellular performance with increased coenzymes, antioxidants, and metabolic function, leading to enhanced, sustained energy. Natural guarana and L-theanine provide the energy needed and improve focus. Ginseng and B vitamins combat oxidative stress and support the body’s natural energy levels while protecting the cells.

• REDOXMind supports the brain’s performance and connectivity by decreasing cellular disruptions and fighting oxidative stress so the brain can operate at its best. Ingredients like red-orange complex and nicotinamide mononucleotide positively regulate the brain’s ability to learn and remember while also helping the body avoid cell disruptions. Zinc and nootropics help manage brain chemicals, shorten response time, and alleviate mental stress to stay focused and sharp.

• REDOXMood helps the body reach a state of increased calmness and less stress by using L’tyrosine and GABA to regulate mood and enhance neurotransmitter levels while reducing oxidative stress in the central nervous system. Rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha regulate stress hormones, while saffron and B vitamins fight stress for better sleep and lead to an improved overall mood.

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Help them love what they see in the mirror

Nothing gives someone confidence like compliment-worthy skin! Give your loved one the ability to supercharge their skin’s natural rejuvenation with RENUAdvanced® Skin Care System. These specially formulated products help support skin’s renewal through redox balance and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the environment and creating healthy skin barrier function.

• RENUAdvanced® Foaming Cleanser offers better skin and a brighter outlook by removing excess oil and dirt, protecting the natural skin barrier, and softening and smoothing skin.

• RENUAdvanced® Balancing Toner leverages Powered by Redox™ ingredients that nourish skin’s natural microbiome, lessen redness and flaking, all while reducing the appearance of pores by maintaining moisture and creating a healthy foundation.

• RENUAdvanced® Glow Serum supports immediate hydration by helping even out visibly photoaged skin and re-energizing your skin surface cells with hyaluronic acid to plump, soften, and bring elasticity back to damaged skin.

• RENUAdvanced® Hydrating Cream completes the process by actively maintaining skin’s firmness, improving the visible signs of wrinkles, and reducing the appearance of dark spots with vitamin C.

These four simple yet powerful steps are perfect for giving your loved one the empowered look of smoother, luminous skin.

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Give them the gift of overall wellness

Life gets better when the body feels better. ASEA® Redox Cell Signaling Supplement signals the activation of important genetic pathways that improve the immune system, maintain a healthy inflammatory response, support cardiovascular health, improve gut health, and modulate hormone balance.

ASEA® Redox is a supplement containing active redox signaling molecules which act as powerful cellular messengers to help protect, rejuvenate, and restore the body’s cells. Native to the human body, these molecules are created using a patented process that reorganizes natural salt and purified water into redox so that the body can get the life-sustaining instructions to cells to help the body feel its best. Just four ounces a day are recommended to experience the vitality of true health and wellness.

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